The amazing Yellowhead Jawfish.


The jawfish are masters of architecture. They use their large mouths to scoop sand from the seabed and then spit it out to one side. They continue to dig until they have created a vertical tunnel with a chamber at its end. The jawfish…   Continue reading →

Yellowhead Jawfish with eggs.

The hardest fish to find on Roatan Reefs

In all these years diving in the waters of Roatan I only had three chances to see a Frog Fish, none of them I’ve found for merely coincidence, with an  exception of the Sargassumfish, the coordinates have helped me reach … Continue reading 

Found at West End Wall dive site 15 feet.

Found at West End Wall dive site 15 feet.


My own business.


My first day on Roatan was January 7th, 2004 after spending nearly three years traveling through Latin America.
It did not take long to get my first certification as a diver after someone told me that I only would know 50% of the island if i didn´t  learn to dive.

I got my first and second certification as an exchange for some lamps that I made for a restaurant, then the Rescue came courtesy of my English Instructor and then i was on the verge of becoming a diving professional,the next step Serena and Giacomo (the owner of Pura Vida dive resort) made ​​it possible.

My first job as a Dive Master was with Nuria in Octopus Dive School, and with her financial support i was able to make my Instructor course. Eventually I worked on two other major Dive Centers.

After ten years on the island, nine working as a Dive Instructor and more than 3500 dives, in association with my Open Water Instructor Mal Forrest and his wife Sofia Ocampo have undertaken this beautiful project called “Sun Divers Roatan.”

Front sign at the Dive Center.

How we build Sun Divers Roatan, look at the pics. 





These are the pics I submit to the Roatan Marine Park photo contest.


The Roatan Marine Park annually is looking for pictures for the new calendar, this are those I submit.

The Best Find category will be judged by “you” on facebook with the most votes winning that group. All other categories will be judged by independent adjudicators and the winners will appear in the 2014 RMP calendar.
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