These are the pics I submit to the Roatan Marine Park photo contest.


The Roatan Marine Park annually is looking for pictures for the new calendar, this are those I submit.

The Best Find category will be judged by “you” on facebook with the most votes winning that group. All other categories will be judged by independent adjudicators and the winners will appear in the 2014 RMP calendar.
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A sporadic visitor!

In the Sandy Bay, West End, West Bay Marine Park, we have the great fortune to see turtles on an almost daily basis. The green turtles and hawksbill are so abundant in the reserve that a few turtles may be found on a single dive or snorkel. But last tuesday in the shallows at the Turtle Crossing area i was surprised by a Loggerhead Turtle!

These turtles have a massive head with powerful jaws used to feed on shellfish (conch, clams and crabs). It has a wider range and travels further than either Greens or Hawksbills and unlike the previous two, it mates during migration. They reach maturity at around 35 years of age, and individuals have been known to live over 100 years. It is believed that Loggerheads spend their early years hiding out among the floating seaweeds of the Sargasso Sea.

Hopefully it will stay for a while on the neighborhood, I will keep you posted.

Shallow Turtle Crossing 35 feet.

Shallow Turtle Crossing 35 feet.